My studio uses the usual professional gear - high quality camera and lenses, strobes by Broncolor etc...but I don´t want to bore you with my gear list. All these are just tools, they don´t create the picture, just like the pen does not write poetry.

What is perhaps more interesting is that I have an "Orbiculight" from Astronsystems. I use it mostly for still life, especially for jewelry. It gives extremely precise control over my lighting and also is a good continuos light source that can be used for video as well. And recently I added a light from (image with retro phone).  

Unless I work on location, all still life is created in the studio and processed digitally with great care. Then I send it on it´s way to the agencies.

If you have an interesting project that you think would benefit from the Orbiculight, please contact me. I am always open for new ideas and often a stock shoot can be combined with another creative project to share costs.




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