April 2014

Some examples from recent shootings


9. Juli 2013

Some of my files are now also available on as prints


10. April 2013

One of my images in use on CNBC (Model: Silvia Jansen)


25. March 2013

Today an exciting new stock agency went live. Owned by the artist, directed by the founder of Microstock Bruce Livingstone.

Welcome stocksy!

 My humble Portfolio is here: cobaltstock on stocksy

11. March 2013

After many, many years of istock exclusivity I have decided to drop my crown. I will be independent on the 13th March. I am still more sad than happy about this decision but it simply became inevitable. 

If you are interested in following my journey to independence you can read about it here:


2. March 2013

New gardening series! More pictures and videos coming soon!

5. Februar 2013

New videos with a lovely 90 year model! Images coming soon as well:

January 2013 Free Video of the Month at istockphoto!


1. January 2013

Welcome to the new year! :)



Testing if it will fit my website and ecommerce needs. Has many customization options that are easy to use.

A new journey, this will be fun!! :)

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